Calling All Activists!

July 6, 2016


Allan Savard, President of CUPE 926 is inviting all activists to join him in standing up for collective bargaining rights.

Earlier this week, Wilfrid Laurier University management again tried to force the CUPE Local 926 Bargaining Committee negotiating on behalf of custodians, trades and grounds into accepting a contract that would give them the freedom to contract out unionized work, almost at will.

Laurier is also threatening to impose their own terms and conditions over every CUPE 926 member if we don’t agree. These are unprecedented tactics by a bully employer who thinks the rules don’t apply to them.

We cannot allow the University’s bullying and punitive measures to go unchallenged.

Our best defence is to stand strong, in solidarity.

That is why Brother Savard is encouraging you to join your sisters and brothers for an information picket on campus this Friday, July 8. Starting at 7 am and until at least 10 am, we will raise awareness against threats and bully tactics.

We’ll assemble at 7 a.m., at the corner of Regina and University, Waterloo and then make our way first to the administrative buildings before marching through the campus. This is an opportunity to raise awareness and raise the alarm over Wilfrid Laurier’s threats and bullying.

CUPE Local 926 will be joined by supporters from CUPE Locals across southwestern Ontario, as well as Fred Hahn and others from CUPE Ontario, other unions in the K-W area, along with campus and community allies.

Let’s stand together with our allies and show WLU we are united and prepared to defend our collective agreement rights.