Strike Vote Information



7.30 PM


  • To trigger a strike deadline Union or Employer must request a “no board” report – this has not happened yet.
  • The Ministry of Labour will provide a letter stating that the Union and Employer were unable to achieve settlement and a strike deadline is set for midnight 17 days later or a date mutually agreed to between the parties. The Ministry of Labour offers mediation close to the strike deadline in order to attempt a settlement to avoid strike/lock out action.
  • On the strike deadline date either the Union can legally strike or the employer can legally lock out employees. It does not mean that either party has to strike or lock outit means the parties are in a legal position to implement a strike or lock out action.
  • In order to access campaign funds for strike aversion the Local must conduct a strike vote. Funds are requested for media such as radio ads and printing of flyers. An application is completed by the Local and submitted to National office for approval.
  • A complete overview inclusive of proposals will be provided on December 6th in writing.
  • The strike vote will be conducted by secret ballot.
  • There are no advance polls or proxy votes. You must be in attendance and attend at the presentation prior to receiving a ballot and casting it. No exceptions. All members including temporary, laid off and those on leave of absences have the right to attend and vote.
  • To conduct the strike vote we will require 3 members for sign in and distribution of documents. Four scrutineers will be needed to collect and count ballots. Results of the vote will be released immediately following the count at the strike vote meeting.
  • As per the CUPE Constitution strike pay is $60.00 per day to a maximum of $300.00 per week (7 days) and comes into effect on day 10 after commencement of strike action.
  • Any Local or member on strike for 10 or more days receives an additional $120.00 upon termination of the strike.
  • The Strike/Executive Committee decides how many hours of strike action members must complete to collect strike pay but must be a minimum of 20 hours per week. The Union will ensure appropriate accommodation for those members requiring assistance.
  • WLU pays your wages 2 weeks behind which means that there is no loss of pay at the start of strike action but members returning to work after strike will have to complete the 2 week withholding of pay again.
  • CUPE National will cover payment for premiums for benefits of employees’ share which is limited to life insurance and extended health coverage if WLU refuses to continue to pay premiums. This arrangement is made between WLU and CUPE.
  • The Local is responsible for providing their own strike headquarters and office equipment, transportation, picket signs, supplies, etc. Strike headquarters are available at the offices of Local 1883 on Ottawa Street.
  • In preparation of a strike we contact local police and meet to set out protocols and parameters around strike action and ensuring safety of our members.
  • The Local Union need many volunteers to attend a strike preparation and aversion training. This includes picket captains who oversee picket lines. The training will be held Wednesday, December 30th, 9.00 am to 3.30 pm
  • Upon termination of the strike a “Return to Work Protocol” is negotiated which includes issues such as no proration of vacation or sick leave, no discipline action, no loss of benefits, no loss of seniority/service, etc.